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So far the cast assembled for the first Star Wars Anthology film has been an eclectic mix of talent. Felicity Jones has taken the lead role in Star Wars: Rogue One while other cast members include Riz Ahmed, Sam Claflin, Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker and maybe Ben Mendelsohn. However, we don’t really know anything about who these actors are playing.

The only tidbit that’s been floating around the internet is that Felicity Jones was the rebel leader of the team assembled to try to steal the Death Star plans in a time period shortly before the beginning of A New Hope. Now a new detail about her character has surfaced that is intriguing, but also potentially hard to believe.

Find out more about Felicity Jones in Star Wars Rogue One rumor after the jump, but beware of potential spoilers!

Over at Meet the Movie Press, frequent scooper El Mayimbe dropped a rumor that Felicitiy Jones’ character is the daughter of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett. He did reiterate that this is just a rumor he’s heard that has not been confirmed by anyone, but it’s not surprising when you consider how much Boba Fett has been talked about with regards to Star Wars: Rogue One.

There have previously been rumblings that while Star Wars: Rogue One won’t be a Han Solo or Boba Fett origin story, this film will have both characters appearing in it. In addition, there have been rumors that Rogue One would focus on Boba Fett’s family somehow. Having the movie be led by his daughter would certainly fit that description.

But if Boba Fett is also somehow involved, does that mean he and his daughter are at odds? After all, we’ve seen in the original Star Wars trilogy that Boba Fett was pretty keen on helping the Empire, but maybe that was only because he wanted his prize bounty Han Solo.

It would be very interesting if Boba Fett’s daughter became estranged from her father and ends up helping the Rebel Alliance. She could easily be a rebel leader and Boba Fett’s daughter, possibly keeping that identity a secret from her allies. Also, bounty hunters don’t have a true allegiance to anyone and only go where the money is. So anything is possible, even Boba Fett helping the rebels, especially if his daughter is involved (though I imagine fans wouldn’t like that, and I don’t either).

For now this is just a big rumor, but it’s one that isn’t entirely out of left field. But there’s a part of me that also thinks having main characters with direct family ties to icons from the original trilogy seems a bit forced. Spin-offs outside of the main saga could easily begin to show us new characters, without fan service that makes them relatives of our favorite characters.

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